F.additional tools for communication outside of meetings

F.1. “hardware”


A board to leave messages.

message book

We are using this in our flatshare, to leave messages to others.
Either we write @all or @"name" in front of the message.
It is full of things like @blablabla: your mother called, call back. @all: who has seen my scarf? … and so on…

Works pretty well.

skills and ressources book

A bit like tsolife but in “real”: People have profiles in it and write down their skills and ressources they want to share with others. Should include a contact possibilty and be accessible to many people.


Tool to visualize the different needs of cleanliness in a group. Like for the bathroom or kitchen. Sometimes it is hard to communicate about your perception that the bathroom is “dirty”, when everybody else thinks it is clean still. You draw a barometer, which sais “nice” in the upside part, and “disgusting” in the downside part. Then, clip a clothes pin onto it. You put it to the kitchen/bathroom/etc , and the one who has the highest need for cleanliness puts the clothes pin to disgusing whenever (s)he finds it disgusting. Everyone may always put it to “disgusting”, but never move it to “nice” if you did not clean it before! Can help to motivate people to meet your needs without putting pressure on them.

finance barometer

Whenever you want to sell something on donation base, this can be a good tool. Works as the other barometer (above) but for finances: with numbers in a range from plus to minus. Calculate the plus or minus you made by selling your stuff, and make it transparent to the people. Works pretty well on the “jukss” (youth ecology congress in Germany)

F.2 software

There is a lot of open source software tools for documentation and content management, communication and project management. Check the article on open source software.

F.3. virtual meetings

One more thing that proved to be quite good for groups who don’ see each toher often, is to do chat meeting or telephone conferences (which are quite cheap today). If you have the right equipment you can do video conferences even.