Nov 4, 2008
Today we visited Bruno Rossi of and
He has been a coach for years, done some therapies, etc

His main topic is (problems in) relationships and we can gain trust again in a relationship once we lost it…

We had a coffee or two and some nice talks, not really finding out why we had to meet but still being happy that we did so :-)

We actually had found Bruno for his fairnetz-subcategory “fairtrade”. Whereas we actually thought that he wanted to build up a virtual fairtrade-network similar to e.g. lohas or (which is one topic some of us are dealing with since some time) we found that he actually doesn’t mean anything like fairtrade labeled commercial goods… and that he is quite unhappy about the connotation of thw word “fairtrade”.

The German word for “fairtrade” is “fairer Handel”. “Handeln” means “to trade”, but also “to act”. So what he means with fairtrade is actually just “acting fair”.

He is planning to build up a network for self-coaching, where people can find their sence of life again, think about how the life they want to live should look like and then also come together to act fair together.

He seems to be very active person, being in the world peace commitee, having been very active in rainbow family earlier as well as in a Tauschring

He also found one method of how to communicate non-violently when there is problems in realtionships.
The persons neutrally explain to the other persons how and when was the moment when he or she lost his/her trust in the other.
Then the other person(s) try to find solutions to gain the trust again
and collecting clear ideas what to do.
From the ideas the first person can choose what he/she finds necessary to gain trust again.

We told him a bit about some good open source software that he could use for his network (even though he doesn’t seem to be that ready yet to really build up that network), and also about tsolife and the skillsurfers tour of course…

It was very short but good exchange of ideas
and I still have the feeling that it was quite important to meet him…
time will show why maybe? ;-)