Oct 30, 2008
At the travelling school of life workshop in Glarisegg we met Evelyn, an amazing person who is an aura reader and very interested in travelling school of life and free education in general (her children are also going to the gasser school in Glarisegg)

She invited us in her generation spanning community in Steckborn, Casa Cristallo, with 8 people living there in between 12 and over 70.
This house was about the most beautiful house I had ever seen
with a lot of mosaics and paintings.

The house is also used as a social centre, people can use the shower, the massage room and wireless internet for a donation.

Evelyn read all of our auras and explained her aura reading machine to us, that is mesuring blood pressure, temperature, frequencies in your body… and showing your energy field/aura on the screen of a computer then.

Though some of us were sceptical in the beginning, it was an amazing experience to see all of our auras and Evelyn also told us that the combination of those auras have lots of potencial :-)

In exchange for this tsolife-lesson, 2 of us were making some mosaics in the bathroom and living room of this beautiful house.