tools for group communication and project management

As we had so much communication trouble in within our own group, and we visited so many places with communication problems – and also others who had a working communication structure and a lot better infratstructure and organisation coming with it!- I got inspired to write down all group communication tools and methods that I know. Some I never tried, but I liked the idea. But most of them are things I actually tried, and made good experiences with, or things I saw at congresses etc. I hope they can empower some people to get a better communication process going. Because: if communication fails, the rest won’t work either.

A. meetings
B. dealing with emotions
C. events
D. visualization, documentation, evaluation
E. longterm group processes and project management
F. additional tools for communication outside of meetings
G. Publicity and Public Relations

missing for layout:
* meeting checkliste schöner machen
* zeichnungen
** hands
** form sheet
** Scrum Grafiken


Hey, find das hier ziemlich cool.
Ich würd die Inhalte gern auch benutzen. Dafür würd ich sie ins deutsch übersetzten wollen. Ist das für euch nützlich?


klar, gerne superparasit :-)
für die broschüre bringt das zwar nicht mehr, aber können wir ja weiter nutzen!