Oct 18, 2008
In the morning we were surrounded by fog and after some morning-yoga and swimming in the icy lake we had jammjamm breakfast,
while the sun broke through and a beautiful day began.

The next challenge was waiting for us at the border in Konstanz.
One of us was secretly filming the border-policeman. When he recognized it he got angry and made us deleting the whole film material which took a lot of time as we weren’t very used to use the camera. ;)
But all in all we were allowed to pass by without car-check.
After passing 18 roundabouts (WOW) we finally arrived in Kesswil.

The nice family which was waiting for us, created a network called humanshope.
In the moment this network includes thirty persons and it is mainly based on a webpage which presents their ideas and links to many other different projects, which seem to fit in their flow.
The basic idea is that all the “problems” of our world cannot be solved seperately anymore, but need to be looked at from an all-encompassing point of view, so all the different aspects such as spiritual (f.e. the Maya calendar), economical, political and social are included.

So they developed a concept of how it could be possible to reorganise and reform the world system.
Their main idea is based on a bee cell structure which can already be found in very old cultures, and as well in recent sciences, such as RAUMFAHRT, where they found this form in the asteroid-belt which surrounds Saturn.
According to this proposal, the world is split in many hundred cells, of which each one is independent,selforganised and is able to live out of its own capacities. Of course not every unit has all ressources, as oil, specific plants etc.,
so this is where the network of a bigger territory, seperated into six cells, takes care of each other. If there are any problems which can’t be solved on one level, it is carried up to the next level.
For more information have a look at .

As the Maya calendar builts an important aspect of the concept’s background, mainly the whole group works with it and tries to transfer it into their daily life. They even have a learning group in which they meet regularly every month to exchange and deepen their knowledge.
So we had the great chance to take part in a short introduction and later on in a workshop about more details of the Maya philosophy, which is a lot more than just a calendar, and even more than a horoscope, but a whole life philosophy including a new understanding of time and the complexity of the universal cycles in its past and in its future as well as the humans’ role in it. (official 13 moon calendar website) (planet art network-”time is art”)

Before meeting us, Franziska, the mother of the family, was really sceptical about our whole group and expected us to be wild long-haired people covered with wool all over ;), but when we left after two long days she even cried and she and Antonio, the founder of the humanshope-network, didn’t want to let us go. We felt incredibly at home at their place and it felt like leaving family. It was such an open minded place, where we could share all our ideas, enjoying ourselves and the whole atmosphere. So one evening we had a workshop of the humanshope project with Antonio, whereafter the evening slowly grew into a wonderful sharing of sound, dance and meditation.

All in all it was absolutely touching to realize, how different people have the same or similar ideas at the same time, and how they get connected in a flowing way, exchange their ideas and dreams and explore ways to cooperate and work together to be stronger and move on.
And we knew it was good that we came.