Commander's Delight

Cover Girl with her other hand started to quickly undress, but it was not quick enough for Duke. Duke grabbed at the flimsy piece of revealing attire and pulled to each side, ripping it in half, cleanly to boot. The seams undid themselves accordingly and all Cover Girl needed to do was slip from the straps of dress.
That’s one way of doing it.” Cover Girl chuckled, licking her lips. She wore no bra. Cover Girl’s breasts were pudgy, hanging just ever so lightly, dropping under the weight of their clearly fat contents. But they bounced and jiggled so invitingly that Duke was forced to immediately address them with a feverish, aroused, hungry grip. The flesh squeezed between his fingers before Cover Girl leaned forward, her hands wrapped around Duke’s head, using it as support, just rubbing her naked, soft tanned arms in his blonde hair. With her body arched, she dangled her breasts just out of Dukes mouths reach. Twirling a nipple in his finger, he brought his teeth down upon it, pulling it so Cover Girl got a little closer. Both hands gripped one breast as he fit the plump thing into his lustful mouth.
Scarlett was doing his job rather well down there, but eventually she let the member escape her mouth, this time much longer then a breathing pause. She stood up, her hands grazing along the shaft as she watched the scene of Duke and Cover Girl going at it. Turning around, her hands now slipped her black bikini bottoms to the side as she sat down onto Dukes lap. Duke had noticed Scarletts absent actions but frankly, he and Cover Girl were doing just fine until he felt a slight patch of hair rub against her cock before a hole was placed upon his head.
Scarlett continued to descend herself upon Duke’s cock. Her pussy was wet, just soaking wet, and hot, just the right combination to entice the commanders cock to tense up and become that much more ridged. Scarlett’s pussy was tight, it was forced to be pushed open, and a lot of pushing and pressure was needed to widen her suffocating gripping tight twat. Duke had fingered that Scarlett only really could use two or three fingers to get herself off. Her lovely nectar ran down the shaft of his cock, the stream of slowly, yet gushing cream slipped down his ball sack and dripped to the floor steadily as Scarlett continued to ram the cock deeper into her burning, needy cunnie.
Oh god yes!” Shana screamed out as her body gyrated, each gyration gave birth to a new shudder of exhilaration and passion from Shana’s trembling body. It felt so good as she rob that cock underneath her. Wickedly, Scarlet tightened her pussy, choking the cock so much so that even if Duke wanted to orgasm, he might not be able to. She tightened herself ever so quickly, just enough to hug herself as she ascended and descended upon the length of that girthy, throbbing cock.