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42 Creative Topics for Persuasive Essay Writing



Essay writing is one of the essential traits that you would need to acquire during academics. With so many different forms of essays, one paper writing service be able to comprehend the prompt and then respond properly. 

There are multiple types of essays, such as persuasive, rhetorical, argumentative, etc. All these have certain rules that you must follow in order to complete them successfully. Missing out on the essentials can result in a lackluster essay in the end. 

One issue that arises is the topic selection. Persuasive essay topics can be quite tricky to choose for an essay writer if they have been given an open choice. You must have full command over what you are trying to persuade the other write my essay for me. Here are some topic ideas for you.

Persuasive Topic Ideas

  1. Overreliance on technology is harmful
  2. Capital punishment should not be banned
  3. Social media use is leading to loneliness
  4. Standardized testing methods should  be changed
  5. Artificial Intelligence will improve human life.
  6. Cybersecurity is an essential aspect of the modern world
  7. Diversity in the workplace leads to positive outcomes
  8. Bullying should be considered a crime
  9. Social learning should  be adopted in school, and teaching essayhours
  10. The online education system needs to be more effective
  11. Telecommuting should be promoted
  12. College athletes need to receive a higher paycheck
  13. Break time should be increased in schools.
  14. Unmonitored smartphone use can be dangerous among children
  15. Technology has the capability to replace humans
  16. The medical use of marijuana should be legalized
  17. Nurture is more important than nature
  18. The legal drinking age should be increased
  19. Is the judicial system unbiased?
  20. Healthcare should  be more essay writing service for everyone
  21. Immigration should not be avoided
  22. The use of CGI in movies has enhanced storytelling capabilities
  23. Global warming is a serious threat to humanity
  24. Industrialization is responsible for global warming.
  25. Will space stations help humans?
  26. Same-sex marriages should not be restricted.
  27. Students should be given free choice of the disciplines from an best dissertation writing service age
  28. Spanking is a harsh punishment and shouldn’t be allowed
  29. People should be more accommodative towards the mentally/physically disabled.
  30. Violence in video games does not affect the human mind
  31. The effect of marketing on young minds
  32. Should esports be given the same status as regular sports?
  33. The newer generation is not lazy.
  34. Censorship is important when deadline with online platforms
  35. Population control and its importance
  36. Advantages of communism
  37. Was there really a moon landing?
  38. Is grading fair in educational institutes?
  39. The unethical aspects of cloning.
  40. Animal testing should be considered against the law unless for extremely important purposes.
  41. The importance of a University degree
  42. Have sci-fi movies taken over traditional cinema?


Persuasive essays demand precision and should be written with full determination. Remember, you are trying to convince others about your viewpoint, and you can not lack in any department. An essay writing service can help you in this regard. You just have to convey the necessary details. Whatever the case, a lot of the success of the persuasion depends upon your selection of ideas and how you support your claims. 

You should avoid at all costs making false claims just to make yourself superior. The more you reply to using false data and claims, the weaker your persuasive argument will be. You have to perform thorough research on the matter to excel in the assignment. I had the same issues, but then I thesis writing service a specialist to write my essay. It helped me boost my confidence and get some handy tips. 

Apart from the strength of your persuasion, you must use proper language. To support your ideas. The language used should be carefully chosen and must have the necessary determination. It would allow the proper transmission of information, and people can immediately connect with the ideas you are trying to portray. It can also help to establish a call to action towards your ideas.

However, still stuck in the topic-selection phase, consult the paper writing service.