On this page you’ll find a menu of skillshares we can offer. We can come and present a one hour workshop, do a one day skillshare event, or even full on multi-day trainings! Our skillshares vary a lot, and the list is always growing – everything from Anarchism for Beginners to Consent & Radical Relationships to Tactical Direct Action.

If you’re interested in having a skillshare presented in your town let us know, and we’ll contact the trainers to try and make it happen! We do ask that you provide food and housing for trainers (we’re not picky!), and help with covering travel costs. We strive to reduce the impact of our activities, and will always try to send a trainer who lives nearby.

Send an e-mail to skillshare (a) neanarchist.net, including a phone number, your city and state, what workshops you want, and any information about the event that the skillshare will be presented at. We can’t always guarantee a trainer is available, but we can always let you know when one is available.


(These are workshops that many people in our network can give – they are generally available wherever we are, or wherever we can travel to.)

Specialized Skillshares

(These are skillshares that are done by trainers with a specialty in the subject; they often go more in depth and cover more advanced material than in our general skillshares. These trainers may need additional assistance with travel, depending on where you are.)

Note: we define “climate-related” in a broad sense. Work around food sovereignty, preserving and restoring ecosystems, indigenous rights, mining, power plants, environmental justice, bikes, and energy production/consumption are all important pieces of the climate web. We also believe that climate change can only be addressed by exposing the intersections between the oppression of humans and the earth. The people hardest hit by climate-induced natural disasters have been and will continue to be those most disenfranchised by our society and least responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases: the poor, women, and people of color. RTNA is committed to challenging all forms of oppression in our organizing.