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Some people have asked us if we can sort out something with a flat, a house or some sort of accommodation for activists coming to Copenhagen before December, to live.
At a meeting the Climate Collective decided that we do not have the resources, neither financial, nor activist-hands, to offer anyone to find or rent a place, but we wanted to make it easier for those of you who want to come to Copenhagen before December or want to stay after.
This I not a guide of where you can squat or which , collective or social center can house you, but it’s a guide for those of you who want to have a private, rented place to live.

Keep in mind that it is probably not worthwhile looking for a place to rent if you’re planning on only staying here for a couple of weeks more (if so, please go to the button of the text and it’ll be explained what you can do then), but if you’re actually planning on living here for some time.

One way to find a flat in Copenhagen is to check out the various websites offering flats and houses. Most of them are in Danish, but google translate could help you out, if you don’t understand Danish.

Here is some of the websites:

here’s a small phrase book on some keys words when looking for a place to live:

leje = rent (not the rent you pay, but that it is for rent)
husleje = the rent you pay
bolig = a way of saying a place to live. A bit like home.
Lejlighed = a flat
Hus = house
Værelse/værelser = room/rooms
Kvadratmeter or kvm =square meters
Udlejning = rental
Udlejningsform = way of renting

A direction guide and map of Denmark:

Another way to find a place to live in Copenhagen, that many students coming from abroad to study in Copenhagen, is to ask out for a lace to crash for about a week, get here and have someone living in Copenhagen help you finding a place. When we discussed it at a meeting, a person who have moved to Copenhagen from south of Europe to study said that this way have turned out to work very well for him and his fellow students.
In case you choose to do so, or in general have questions concerning accommodation or other logistical issues feel free to contact us at

if you’re staying here for just a couple of weeks more, than the actual summit and you want to stay with local Danish activists and not to go through the general public sign-up, New Life CPH (NLC is a group of artists with a goal of hosting at least 5000 activists, coming for COP15, through average Danish familiesconcerned about the climate), you are asked to use the following email-address.

Please send us an e-mail, containing name, how many you would like to stay together (if you don’t mind staying individually, please send us individual mails), how long you think you want to stay, the duration of your stay and contact information. You will then receive a mail with contact info of your host a few weeks before the COP15, so you can do the actual arranging yourself.

Please note, that the Danish activists can provide sleeping opportunity for only a limited number of guests. Obviously we cannot ourselves host all of you. So if you don’t mind sleeping at one of the Danish families that New Life Copenhagen have found, we kindly ask you to go for this option.

If you’re just coming for the summit you can either sign up for New Life Copenhagen at their website
at People Climate Actions website or hold your horses until we know more.

We are looking forward to see you
Climate Collective logistics group.


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Frontières et droits

lu sur la liste en septembre :
" with borders, be aware that german police can stop people for carrying things through germany that are illegal in germany without them being illegal in denmark. for example i believe any equipment for defence from the police or for masking up. i am recalling this from memory – needs more research" for legal info see:

Si vous venez en bus Eurolines depuis/vers Paris, vous serez certainement contrôlés par la police ou les douanes (histoire vécu…).

Ce qu’il faut emmener

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DON’T bring:

Voir la page du camp climat anglais sur la logistique de Copenhague