Verion 4 of these guidelines were agreed at the TVCA meeting on 19 April 2010.

Guidelines for borrowing the TVCA Marquee


TVCA has a marquee that it uses, for example, at Climate Camp. However, most of the time, TVCA does not have a use for the marquee, and it was always intended that other groups could use the marquee.

When can others use the marquee?

When TVCA isn’t using it, and the group that’s borrowing it can guarantee giving it back in time for when TVCA does need it.

Who can use the marquee?

Priority order

  1. Grassroots and/or environmental groups/projects
  2. Other grassroots groups
  3. Other positive social change groups
  4. Individuals

Once a booking is confirmed, it will be honoured even if a higher priority group requests the marquee on the same date.

Minimum donations for hire

Who Daily rate
Grassroots environmental groups/projects £10
Non-grassroots environmental groups/projects £40
Other grassroots groups £15
Other positive social change groups £40
Individuals £50

Discounts for longer bookings. Discount level to be agreed at the TVCA meeting discussing the loan.

Donations do not include erection. Erection to be individually negotiated with those that know how to erect the marquee, or done by the borrower.

Donations to be made before the marquee is loaned.

Donations can be reduced or waived in exceptional circumstances.

Deposit / damages

Process for borrowing the marquee