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Spread the invitation

There are many invitations already published inside the calendar, which might serve as a draft

Facilitation of chat meeting

Sometimes it’s good to have one person facilitating the chat meeting, especially if there are more than ten participants. We seek to objectively maintain an inclusive atmosphere for open discussion. It is important to permit everyone the space to express their ideas but it is necessary to stay on topic in order to reach all agenda items in a reasonable amount of time.

In the unlikely event of thousands of attending people, it’s possible to (technically aided) voice/devoice participants. The /help command, the relevant documentation on freenode, and in general a list of common IRC-commands on WP may help you out.

Inform about results of the chat

Send notes, which summarize outcomes of the chat meeting, to the global ISM mailing list.


Questions? Suggestions? Drop a line at the ISM admin collective mailing list.