Brians Mockups for reference-

Round 6

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h1. Round 5

new feeds
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Round 4

tab-like line plone-like

browse 1 browse 2

Round 3

GrouHome bg 1 GroupHome bg 2 GroupHome Browse 1 GroupHome Browse 2 Me Dashboard

Round 2

various touchstone design/placement ideas:

moving away from colorful/blocky little color, no bgs smaller text chat btn on left, simplified more
contribute & chat btn on left smaller streamlined, edited icons

these ideas reflected on the me dashboard coming up.

Round 1

We are moving from the blocky feel of the wireframes to a more streamlined design. Early days, but here are some rough starts. Plus the beginnings of cross section design considerations. O shizzzal, it also turns out that facebook is very good at economizing space. i couldnt help but explore this design direction, and with the same UI priorities that we worked on in the wireframes.


more streamlined and with mesection in mind

more blocky