Reclaim education is a newspaper slash zine slash leaflet (pick whatever you like) reporting about any ISM-related activities. Articles are handed in by activists, got processed into a printable format, and then may be shared worldwide. By this means everybody may get a clue that our efforts are a global matter.
Its format is one DIN-A4-paper. That are two pages duplex. DIN-A4 (210mm×297mm) is a very common paper size in Europe. DIN-A4 is pronounced [diːn eɪ fɔːɹ].


For the whole organization of every there is a single mailing list: Feel free to subscribe if you wanna contribute on a regular basis. There is no need to subscribe if you just want to contribute from time to time and don’t wanna get messed up with all the organzational whirl. Just send a mail to the list’s address and it will get approved by a moderator. Please clearly state that you are not on the list if you want to get a reply.

Expectations on authors

There is no application process. As long as there are too few ppl contributing articles there is no way such will be installed.

By contributing texts you are requested to meet following conditions:

Furthermore there are some restrictions taken care of in the final stage. They are mentioned in the § content. Please at least consider them.

Well-known abbreviations

These abbreviations do not need to be explained. You are encouraged to use them to save the few space we have and accelerate the reading speed. Only use the following writing form.

Feel free to edit this section and add or drop abbreviations.

Following acronyms are optional.

Typesetter requirements


Current mode of workflow roughly is the following:

  1. Someone suggest to issue a new
  2. S*he maybe supplies a topic (kick-off GWoA (global week of action), end of GWoA, some national movement [OccupyWallstreet, Bildungsstreik, UniBrennt]).
  3. One person at a time typesets a whole issue.
  4. S*he uploads the latest version for review and sends the link to the
  5. Changes are proposed and implemented till a dead-line.
  6. Dead-line: The issue got published. It gets announced via the ISM (international students movement) global ML.

Typesetting rules

Macro typography

Micro typography


Typesetters so far


some ideas

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