LOI due Jan 01, 2010
invite only applications due Jan 25, 2010

Emergency funding of up to $5000 is available. Application form is linked on main site

Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund

The Process


Emails of inquiry can be sent to with a short overview of your proposed project with information applicable to our stated criteria. You must include your objectives in the areas of field research, community involvement, education, animal welfare where applicable and long term conservation impact.

November 1st 2009:
A request for proposals is emailed to all organizations receiving funding in the prior year and to all approved inquiries. We recommend you contact us no later than January 1st 2010 for an invitation to apply.

January 25th 2010:
Applications are due by 6:00 pm EST. The DWCF application process is open from receipt of the invitation in November 2009 through January 25, 2010. An application may be submitted only within that window. See the Application Instructions or Frequently Asked Questions* links for more information.

*We strongly encourage you to read the Frequently Asked Questions section for useful information on your application.


The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund Awards were established to promote and enable wildlife conservation through partnerships with scientists, educators and organizations committed to preserving earth’s biodiversity.

Our interests are in furthering the support of established conservation PROGRAMS — particularly those long-term in nature — that preferably have all of these components:

We also consider initiatives or PROJECTS that focus in any of the three areas described above and that may lead to a more established overall conservation program or support such a program.

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Rapid Response Funding

Emergency funding is also provided in times of environmental or conservation crisis or need. Each year the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund sets aside dollars in a Rapid Response Fund to respond to crises. These awards are capped at $5,000 and can be applied for throughout the year. Use the link on the right menu for the application.

Conservation Hero Fund

If your organization has been funded by the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund before, you can nominate a conservation hero year round. The evaluation will take place in accordance with the normal grant cycle with decisions announced in June. For more information on the guidelines, the award and the application you can use the link on the right menu.

Worldwide Outreach

The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund is a part of Worldwide Outreach of the Walt Disney Company

Dedicated to making the dreams of families and children a reality through focused public service initiatives, community outreach and volunteerism in areas including learning, compassion and the environment.