Standing Items

Six month review

Mayday 2010

What shall we do? Talk about possible plans to work with the Yorkshire Anarchist Group (federation?) and the 1in12 club to help organise the event.

Tech update

Review of recent coverage

Talk about what’s been good and what could have been better. How do we encourage more people to use the site to publish their news and events? How do we push the principle of open publishing over a group of IMCistas doing the grunting?

NewIMC process

Where next with this? What’s the situation so far.

Invitation to attend IMC UK Network meeting

Should we go? If so, should some, all or none of us go? What do we want to get out of it as an IMC? Do we feel part of a network in the UK? What would we like to see done better and how do we hope to achieve this? How can we best communicate with our neighbours? Is there life on Mars?

Solidarity with other IMC’s

Some feedback from the COP15 media centre and all the goings on leading up to it.

Cultural collaborations

Zines, listings, and how we interact with them. How will our editorial policies fit and do we need to redraft a special section to cover Zines?


A proposal to get a pilot show together to give to BCB and to broadcast on our server. How would we do this and why.

Time & Place of next meeting

Or even better next 2 meetings