Anarchists Who Use the Word “Democracy” Positively

“There Never Was a West” by David Graeber
also "here" on The Anarchist Library

The Democracy Project: A History, a Crisis, a Movement by David Graeber
(this pdf text is terrible)

“Democracy Is Direct” by Cindy Milstein

[ What is Communalism? - The Democratic Dimension of Anarchism ] Creepy (as usual) text from Murray Bookchin talking about the socialist and democratic dimensions of Anarchism

Anarchists Who Use the Word “Democracy” Critically

Proudhon on Representative Democracy

[Da Democracia à Liberdade (Séria da CWC traduzida para o portugues do Brasil) (CWC democracy series translated to Portuguese-BR)

Against Democracy by Coordination of Anarchist Groups
EN ESPAÑOL: Contra la Democracia, por los GAC (Grupos Anarquistas Coordinados)

"Democracy and Anarchy" by Errico Malatesta

"Neither Democrats nor Dictators: Anarchists" by Errico Malatesta

Debunking Democracy! by Bob Black
Yes, Bob Black is not the kind of person one might like to have over for a dinner party, but…

Democracy by Monsieur Dupont, from AJODA #60 (2005/06)

Democracy vs. Desire: Beyond the Politics of Measure by Andy Robinson, from AJODA #60 (2005/06)

Beyond Exclusion: Democracy and an Anarchist Ethic by Mitchell Halberstadt, AJODA #60 (2005/06)

Democracy and Conspiracy: Overlaps, Parallels, and Standard Operating Procedures by Lawrence Jarach, AJODA #60 (2005/06)

What is Democracy? by Peter Gelderloos, See Sharp Press (2004)

They Want to Oblige Us to Govern. We Won’t Yield to that Pressure (2014) by The Invisible Committe “To Our Friends”

Aos Nossos Amigos e Amigas em português do Brasil – Comitê Invisível

La haine de la démocratie by Jacques Rancière (PT: O ódio à democracia; EN: Hatred of democracy)

Discussion About Consensus

"Against Consensus, for Dissensus" by Jacob Stringer