I am looking for an alternative resource sharing tool to share all sorts of resources (from cars to seeds, couches to skills, etc.), as the one technical implementation I know of is sort of dead (it´s buggy, without development, user-unfriendly). I thought Crabgrass could help, without the imminent need to produce a new software tool, as it contains already all technical aspects on a very low level.

Please feel free to comment or ask for editing permissions.

Questions in the preface

  1. Is there already a working CG-group/network for sharing all sorts of resources?
  2. Is there some other resource sharing plattform, which is working, user-friendly and contains a critical mass of peers?
  3. Is there a necessity to bring about some new impulse?
  4. What organisational structure could this network have?
  5. more to come

General Concept

How could it work?

Technical questions

  1. Is there a difference between tags and full text based search?
  2. Which membership structure is best, making resources available on the on hand (i.e. searchable) without creating informational redundancy to the individual member?
    1. If I´m part of the network/the group, how can the info on updates be held small, while giving full access to data on a search-level
  3. Is there a catch? Something painfully obvious, which makes this idea total difficult/nonsensical?

Next steps

(BTW: that´s practical permaculture, not much to it, ey?)


Here the space to try different examples of informational structure. Add a wiki page, with a short explaination of your ideas behind the structure. Give instructions how this pages can be searched for specific data.