Northern Indymedia Help Page 2.0 – DRAFT

After starting this I found an old draft document that needs considering for merge with this at help page for new site

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This page is here to help you get the best out of this website. We hope it will answer most of the questions you might have. If there’s something you still don’t understand when you’ve read all this, please help us to help you by letting us know. See the contact options on the Get Involved page.

As we continue to add new features to the website this page will need to be updated, so please do tell us if it seems incomplete.

The main ‘output’ of Northern Indymedia is written and recorded by you and published straight onto this website. We try to keep discussion about how our collective works off this site because it’s not interesting to most readers however, we do want other people to get involved. The Get Involved page tells you how to do that, and what tools we use to organise ourselves.

Registration and Logging In

(advantages and how to use – more here later)

There are three possible levels of anonymity for publishing on our site:

Not logged in, using a pseudonym Strongest anonymity If you want to come back and edit what you wrote later you can’t, because you can’t prove that it was you that wrote it
Logged in, using a pseumdonym Only you and the site administrators can see which user wrote what You can come back later and edit what you wrote
Logged in, publishing under your login name You can build up your reputation as a reliable news source You can come back later and edit what you wrote


Are you a collectivist or an individualist? :P
more later…

Overview of publishing

Whatever you want to publish, your starting point is to push the big ‘publish’ button insert button graphic in the top right corner of every page.

Publishing text

The written word has great strengths as a way of transmitting information. Compared to audio or video recordings, it is much easier to move around computer networks quickly. It can be read using the oldest and cheapest of computers, and can be translated automatically into other languages. It can be automatically turned into audible speech or Braille for the visually impaired. On this site, you can also attach multimedia content to your article using a single publishing form.

Start by pushing the ‘publish’ button then ‘publish an Article’ insert button graphic

We’ve tried to make the form as self-explanatory as possible, but here are a few tips:

Tumbles: Uploading A Photo Or Video Straight From Your Phone


stand-alone Vs. embedded in an article
not linking to youtube


How to promote, inspire, and write up afterwards


The joy of non-news

Other media

relevant to northern england
precis please

How promotion and featuring work, and what they mean


pithy remark about DIY