Usage Agreement for Mailing Lists

Your mailing list is subject to the following agreements and policies:

Additionally, we have these policies which relate specifically to your mailing list:

List Creation Conditions

If you create a list, you agree to the following conditions:

List Subscription Conditions

If you subscribe to any list, you agree to the following conditions:

List Termination

Your list may be removed for any of the following reasons:

Reporting List Abuse

If someone is using a list to send spam, please notify us immediately at

We have a zero-tolerance policy toward spam. However, often legitimate lists admins will make mistakes and subscribe people who did not want to be subscribed. We usually let this slide. If a pattern develops of multiple ‘mistakes,’ then we wil remove the list.

Copyright violations

Riseup Networks complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s notice and take-down procedures. Your use of Riseup Networks’ services is subject to Riseup’s DMCA Policy.