Deptford TV

System for collaborative editing using Cinelerra Server

The online platform does 3 things:

  1. Provides a repository and annotated archive of raw materials gathered by project participants.
  2. Allows project participants to share and annotate edited versions that use that material.
  3. Enables collaborators to download packages of files that will allow them to immediately edit other peoples edited “versions” on their own local machine using cinelerra, and subsequently upload their own revision with a log message.


online platform for collective video production. (See Interkomm in action at Mezzodistrutto)

See interview with developer.



open source video platform.


Drupal with Kaltura

(See Drupal with Kaltura in action at Opensourcecinema)


20th May 2010: Plumi 3.0 was just released: and


Plumi pulls together the following features on top of the out-of-the-box Plone functionality:

Future features will include:


Transmission is a network of citizen journalists, video makers, artists, researchers, programmers and web producers who are developing online video distribution tools for social justice and media democracy.

ongoing process of devolping a new cms, see full re-desing documentation. This project is oriented toward distribtuion, geared towards aggregation though, so there’s a question how relevant this is.

The CMS matrix is interesting, and it might be a good way of comparing the existing option we have. This also includes information on the capability of creating subtitles on the different platforms.