Autonomous relief fund for communities in Mexico affected by the earthquakes of September 7th and 19th 2017

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The following autonomous collectives and projects have to come together to organize and promote a fund to support autonomous projects helping communities affected by the earthquakes of September 7th and 19th 2017 in Mexico.

Collectives organizing this fund:

The participating collectives will collect donations to the fund, coordinate and document the distribution of resources to active relief projects organized by non government entities, without ties to political parties.

Many of our friends and comrades from networks of autonomous collectives and activists have reached out to each of our collectives asking how they can help. This autonomous relief fund is our proposal to ensure any donations we receive are administered collectively to support the efforts of autonomous projects who continue to aid those communities most affected by the earthquakes. The initial list of collectives organizing this fund have come together out of mutual support and trust and the need for rapid response. We may include additional collectives into the list of organizers as we go forward. All donations can be used to the support relief efforts of the participating collectives as well as those of other autonomous collectives, communities and projects in Mexico with whom we are in contact.


You can make a donation to the fund through the following methods:

Minerva Cuevas Lopez
Cta. Perfiles 4297330
CLABE 002180012842973308

Please e-mail documentation of your donation to: autonomous-relief-fund(at) or fondo-de-apoyo-autonomo(at)
We will maintain your donation anonymous, but we will document the total amount of donations and how they are used on this page.


As soon as donations arrive we can began using them to fund the most urgent projects and report as we go.
We will continue to accept donations up until the deadline 26th of November 2017.
We commit to using all donations to the fund and providing detailed reports by December 31st 2017 end of project.


During these past weeks we’ve seen profound expressions of love and solidarity as people have come together to rescue each other and survive in the wake of two devastating earthquakes in Mexico, the first hitting Oaxaca and Chiapas, and the second affecting Mexico City, Puebla, and Morelos. The immediate transformation of thousands of everyday people, without any previous connection to each other, without training and without orders into highly functional rescue teams, digging victims out from fallen buildings with their hands, directing the arrival of water and medical treatment, saved many lives long before the authorities were able to react.1

But during this time we have also seen the abhorrent behavior of political parties conditioning the distribution of provisions and resources to their supporters, a general negligence of underprivileged communities that sustained the most damages in Oaxaca2, politicians staging photo opportunities3, the main television monopoly fabricating false narratives for the sake of ratings4, Mexico City authorities quickly introducing heavy machinery to clean up collapsed buildings despite the reports of more victims trapped inside5, police attacking volunteer rescue workers and confiscating tools and provisions donated by the people.6

As the days go on these tensions will only get worse as the commercial media and government turn their backs on the people once again. We are especially concerned that the needs of those communities who have been most critical of the government’s past abuses and continue an active struggle to defend their autonomy, self determination and basic human rights, may be left vulnerable and excluded from any official humanitarian aide.

Active projects we would like to support


If you have any questions regarding the fund or our process please e-mail us at:
autonomous-relief-fund(at) or fondo-de-apoyo-autonomo(at)