Deadline May 1, 2010

grant application available in Arabic, English, French, Russian, Spanish

HIV Young Leaders Fund

2010 Request for Proposals

The Fund seeks grant proposals from organizations working to address the needs of young people most-affected by HIV in their communities, including young people living with HIV.


Only youth-led organizations or youth-led projects are eligible for funding. Youth-led is defined as the project or organization leader being 30 years of age or younger. Key activities supported by the Fund are: Local, national, regional or international HIV advocacy; local peer-based HIV services; and community mobilization. There are two application tracts – one for Core Funding and one for Project Funding. Applying organizations and projects must serve young people most-at-risk of HIV in their community and/or young people living with HIV.

The deadline for all applications is May 1, 2010. Grantees will be notified in July 2010.

Grantmaking Process

Nine regional Community Review Panels (CRPs) composed of young leaders with experience in youth HIV and AIDS issues will review grant applications from their region and make grant recommendations. One global Community Review Panel, composed of one representative from each regional CRP, will make the final grant decisions.

Young leaders and youth networks drive the funding priorities and governance of the HIV Young Leaders Fund. An Interim Steering Committee serves as the governing body for the HIV Young Leaders Fund in 2010. The following organizations are on this governing body: Global Network of Sex Work Projects, Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS, GNP+’s Interim Reference Group on Young People Living with HIV, International Treatment Preparedness Coalition, Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network, World AIDS Campaign, Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights, Y-PEER, Young Positives, and Youth R.I.S.E. The Tides Foundation is the fiscal agent for the HIV Young Leaders Fund, and the HIV Collaborative Fund serves as an advisory body.