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In March of 2018, Robert L Reece, a sociology professor at UT, published an essay for Vox titled “How Men Are Adjusting to the #MeToo Era” with rape apologist tones. Following the release of this article, his ex girlfriend, Jazmine Walker, came forward on twitter about having been raped by Reece six years ago in the midst of their emotionally abusive relationship, when one morning, Walker had awoken to find Reece in her bedroom, demanding sexual acts she was not comfortable with and refusing to leave until she complied. Walker is not Reece’s only victim—since she shared her story, multiple others have come forward anonymously about having been emotionally or sexually abused by Reece, up to as recently as six months ago.

Reece has been spotted on Tinder by students as young as 18 or 19. Due to Tinder’s settings, this means that Reece is actively seeking out and potentially preying on young undergraduate students—including those he may teach. This directly violates UT rules, which do not allow professors to date undergraduates, and the message he preaches about informed consent with an understanding of power relations.

Despite this abusive history, Reece currently teaches a course on masculinity and rape culture, a subject he is clearly unqualified to teach. Through this course, he encountered a male student who’d been sexually coercive, whereupon he took no action besides briefly consulting the student over email.

Administrative Response: The university has been notified of these issues and has yet to respond or take any action.

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