User Story

1) crabgrass-lite

2) crabgrass full version


No-Masthead Lite Theme

so, here are some more cglite mockups. obviously this is proposing a new theming. i’m sorry to conflate work. but i was really having a hard time working on cglite with the 0.5.3 nav. my work just started morphing. i think the theme i have now is clearer in some ways, but i’ve also been looking at it too much, so maybe its not. either way. the cglite specific ideas can happen with 0.5.3 theming if we want.

cglite specific changes

  1. ability to login to full version
  2. no masthead. group banner, within the group section, becomes the branded space.
  3. dashboard does not have the pages feed. only social activity, messages, and requests
  4. the global nav is stripped down to dashboard, your group and account.
  5. search does not have the limit to group option
  6. profile, account, and login clustered under “account”
  7. carrots in masthead for clarity.
    (i left out the social activity drop down in the banner by mistake. it should be there.)

Navigation Drop down

2nd level nav, shown below in the banner, as a drop down of the arrow sign posts. looks very clean, but nav in a drop down and also having the sign post play two roles might not be a good idea.

Navigation in banner

Mockups 0.5.3 Theme Old Mockups


Full version/Basic

This is just normal cg without the me/pages section. For now we will not limit full cg. if i have time i will upload a mockup with me/pages in it and without the “multi-group” button. for now just imagine it.

Changes and issues



create page simplification mockup

For later perhaps

User story for lite – full(basic) – full (multi group)

1) crabgrass-lite

2) crabgrass full version – basic view.

3) crabgrass full version – multi-group view.