1. Avoid Trademarked Names. Too many stories fly around about a guy who bought a .com domain with a celebrity’s or a huge multi-million-dollar company’s name and made millions of dollars off of it when they bought it from him. Not only is this attempt not very nice, but it can also cost you a lot of money. These companies and celebrities are no longer willing to fork money over to get their names back, but they will pay a lawyer and take you to court.

2. Don’t use characters. There is no place in a domain name for a hyphen (or underscore). People will never remember that you used them and will get frustrated trying to look you up. You should spell things how they sound, and no one knows how a hyphen sounds. There is a reason that no popular sites use them, or any other character for that matter. It’s confusing and sometimes unprofessional.

3. The .com matters. If you are going to be serious with your domain and put the money and time into making it an asset for a business, it is worth it to get a :: call recording ios instead of any other extension. It is the oldest and most common, which means it is the extension everyone is going to try the first time.

4. Don’t waste your money. Purchasing a domain isn’t something that you should do on a hit or miss basis. It takes a lot of time and effort to build up your website, and if you have to keep repeating the process on new domains, it will continue to drain your time and money. This isn’t something you want to do based on gut feelings. Have a plan and stick to it.

5. Be memorable. There are most likely quite a few domains you could potentially use, but that doesn’t mean they are all the right fit. You should pick a name that is not only unique, but also memorable. If people cannot remember the name, they are not going to find it later. It doesn’t have to be a real word, but it should stick in the mind.

6. Get more than one. Some companies have realized they are losing their customers to common misspellings of their name or to other extensions like .net. Many have found success in purchasing these other domains as well so they can redirect the traffic to the right place.

Avoiding these common pitfalls is going to help you choose a domain that will set you up for success. This can bring a lot of value to your business, so don’t wait too long.