What’s Missing

Off the top of my head, one is unable in the new layout to:

Two main nav sections

Top buttons

the buttons at the top are:

It’s unclear yet how agnostic these buttons are to be. There is the option of making them behave in a list context if there is a list selected, or an agnostic context if not. What this means is that if there is a list selected, clicking ‘New Message’ will open a dialog to create a new message for that list. Otherwise it would open a dialog to create a new message which would need to include a way to select a list. Of course we can do a combination of both.

Currently the Dashboard link behaves in this combined way. If there is a list selected then it goes to the list dashboard. If there is no list selected then it goes to a page which lists the lists to select.

The New User button is also acting in this way. If you have a current list selected (indicated by seeing the list name and menu on the right) then it will add the new user to that list. If there is no current list selected then it adds a new user without adding them to a list. Currently there is no way to view users who aren’t on any lists :-P

The New Message button is currently only working when viewing a current list.

Right menu

The right menu is sort of the list context menu. The top part prints the name of the current list and a button (or something yet-to-be-determined) to change the currently selected list.

The second part of the right menu contains links for: