I’ve been thinking about the frontpage a little and there’s a few things that I think could be improved. For one thing, we want a fast moving frontpage. Also we have some content which is under-used, under-promoted and doesn’t really appear on the frontpage. There’s a way to combine these two things for an improved newsflow: If we include more than articles in the newswire on the frontpage, we’ll speed up the turn around as well as promoting other content types.

I propose to include following content types and moderations statuses in the front page newswire:

articles promoted featured ones are in the features column, we could include the 6th and following features
videos promoted featured
tumbles promoted featured
links promoted ones to corp sites should not show up with the other movement reporting and news featured

Note: this is a work in progress, feedback would be great, especially if things don’t quite make sense.

Attached are two mock ups what it could look like: one with only regular content and a second one including timeline (or sidebar snippet), main snippet and a new feature that would be awesome: Just like we have to set the site to display a timeline, it would be great if we could set the site to display the latest featured tumble. So when good things are coming in, we can actually display them prominently on the frontpage.

Regular Frontpage: Frontpage including special content:

There’s also some suggestions for renaming of titles:

from to
promoted newswire news
promoted other media what the mainstream says
posters we could just drop this and safe some space? really it’s pretty self explanatory

also thinking if we should shorten sub features to thumbnail and title only, that way we could fit in more or the same amount on less space, bringing the groups up to a more prominent spot.

Could look something like this: Instead of this:

Maybe a smaller font, and obviously no repeats.