After marriage, a woman may face some complications in her life due degrading health. There may be ways to prevent this

So are you happily married? Are you facing some issues in your relationship already? What is the reason behind it? Some health issues may be hampering your love life. Below are some of the causes that can result into a bad marriage.

Emotional stress

Many a times, emotional stress is the major reason for a spoilt relationship. This may be because of the incompatibility between the husband and the wife. Work pressure or the interference of some other person in between can even create more issues. A woman may be harassed by her husband. Physical abuse is quite common in leading to an unsatisfactory marriage.

Infertility and sexual problems

Infertility in women can be a big no for men to continue the marriage. A man may demand a child and if his wife is unable to give him that, divorce can crop up. There may be malformation of the egg cells that can cause abnormalities in the baby. Even the female may not have the apt nutrients for the production of enough eggs. She may be facing sexual dysfunction also. Premature ejaculation Priligy may not be that ghastly a factor as it is in men, but it can surely be a turn off for men. This can cause distaste in the marriage.


Other physical and mental diseases beside the sexual part can also disturb the relationship. Chronic illnesses like AIDS and paralysis may force the husband to leave the woman. Cardiovascular diseases or blood pressure problems and the mental illnesses together can spell badly for the marriage. Liver and kidney failure can also result in some complications. Some incurable illnesses can also make the man feel at loss and encourage him to seek divorce. This can even break the relationship.


Abuse of substances by women can also make many issues come to life. Alcohol and illegal medicine abuse like can make them go into a different world and they may forget the requirements of a married life. Therapies and Cialis can bring back the person to normalcy but this will take time. Sometimes the emotional stress may drive the woman to this condition. The husband may not have the patience to withstand this situation and opt for divorce.


Many women lose their figure shape after marriage because of giving birth to the baby or other external factors. It is said that a woman’s beauty can attract a man even if he is dissatisfied with the wife because of other reasons. When a woman becomes ugly by becoming obese, the man may lose interest in her gradually. This may make him commit adultery and look at other women for pleasure. The wife may not be able to even sexually satisfy him because of this. So it is best to counter all this at an early stage before the issue becomes unbearable.

All the above mentioned five reasons are the main culprits in spoiling the marriage of women. So be aware of it and counter it on time