In attendance: Laura Anglim (facilitator), Karen Hansen, Steve Bunner (first half), Beth Binkovitz, Genelle Denzin (notetaker)

Proposal: Committee will set up Monthly Member Potlucks to increase member interaction outside of meetings and work and shopping, build community around the market. Action Item: Beth will call CRC about hosting. Contact is Bill Owens, phone number is (614) 268-3539. If the answer is no she will search further for a venue. The Sporeprint was discussed as a possibility. The co-op was discussed as a possible location, but there are concerns about this. passed unanimously

Proposal: Committee will use the consensus model attached to these minutes (in the right sidebar) as its decision-making process. All decisions made within the group will get a thumbs up for “yes” thumbs sideways for “eh i guess” and thumbs down for “no” around the room. Discussed what it means if there are thumbs pointing sideways or down and it will basically mean there’s more to discuss, depending on the situation. A thumbs down means it’s a major objection which can be overridden, but only with great care. passed unanimously

Proposal: Login Agreement will remain one document, but the membership requirement will be removed and a field will be added for the user to state intent. Also, ultimate decisions on logins will lie with the Membership Communications Committee. Action Item: Genelle will edit Login Agreement and re-propose it to the BOT. passed unanimously

Social media: Considered using HootSuite or Tweetdeck to get Facebook and Twitter updates to match, but there are technical difficulties around this as Facebook links don’t play nice with HootSuite or Tweetdeck.

Facebook: Member Communications Committee meetings need to go on Facebook. Figured out that the event Genelle created for the last BOT meeting didn’t yield results because the other step to creating the event is sending the invitations. Action Item: Genelle will create Facebook events for the Member Communications COmmittee meetings and BOT meetings and invite people.

Twitter: No volunteers to help with tweeting yet. Jason is keeping it updated and it is looking good.

Google Maps: There is a way to “claim your business” on Google Maps. Action Item: Beth is going to initiate that process and have the postcard sent to the Market in her name so she can take care of it.

FourSquare: Committee was unsure about what kind of maintenance this would require or what purpose it would serve to maintain a FourSquare account, but the committee is open to learning more.

Website: Beth has ideas about some changes that she feels would benefit the current website. Action Item: Beth will post a proposal to Crabgrass about the changes she feels would be ideal.

Proposal: Laura will announce Committee meetings on the Member forums prior to the meetings, Genelle will update Facebook with meetings, events, Laura will ask Steve if he could help keep the display case updated with meetings, and we’ll add a dry erase calendar to the display case for this purpose. Action Item: Genelle will price the calendar and submit a request. passed unanimously

Proposal: Change “Board” page to be labeled “Members” page. Action Item: Genelle will make this change. passed unanimously

Proposal: Member Communications Committee will propose to the BOT that every committee has an appointed person to update the co-op calendars (Google and physical) of any meetings being held. passed unanimously

Proposal: Member Communications Committee will propose to the BOT that the old Simply Living space be given to the Member Communications Committee. The main idea of the space would be member education about what it means to be a co-op. Action Item: Laura will put together a proposal on Crabgrass for all of the committee to edit. passed unanimously

Proposal: Member Communications Committee will propose to the BOT that we move the site from WordPress to Drupal. Action Item: Beth will draft the proposal which will include reasons for the change. passed unanimously

Newsletter: tabled this topic because we were out of time and because Drupal has a newsletter module that allows newsletters to be shared and archived on the website.

Next meeting, Beth will facilitate.

Action Items:

Edit Login Agreement and re-submit to BOT.
Keep Facebook updated by creating events for Member Communications Committee meeting and BOT meetings and inviting people.
Price dry erase calendar.
Edit “Board” label on website to read “Members”.

Call CRC about hosting Monthly Member Potlucks. Contact is Bill Owens, phone number is (614) 268-3539.
Claim the co-op business on Google Maps, follow through on the process.
Post to Crabgrass what changes to the current website design would be good for the co-op.
Draft proposal on Crabgrass to BOT on moving to Drupal.

Laura: Send out meeting announcements to the Member Forums about Member Communications Committee meetings.
Ask Steve about updating display case calendar.
Draft proposal to the BOT on Crabgrass to grant us the old Simply Living space.