We had a great dinner, with champagne passed around freely, and it was strange how quickly John and I became friends. As dinner finished we moved to the living room where Julie and I sat together on the couch, and John sat in a chair opposite us.
Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I told Julie to stand up and strip. She was hesitant I could tell, but as she pulled the soft sweater over her head, and slipped the skirt over her thin hips, I could tell she was getting into it. John was stroking his raging hard on through his pants as she reached behind her and released her small, but firm breasts. Julie has unbelievably large nipples and she moved close funkytube.top to John, tweaking them till they stood erect. His tongue passed over them and she wiggled that sweet ass of hers at me. I heard her sigh as she straightened up and slid her panties down. I thought John was going to burst through his pan ts staring at Julie’s perfectly shaved pussy. Bending over, she spread her lips to show both of us just how wet she was. Finally she stood up, just sort of rocking back and forth until I said,
Julie, I want you to suck his cock."
She looked at me nervously then made her way toward him. Kneeling, she slid open his zipper and lowered his pants and underwear. His cock sprung loose and I was amazed by its size.
Turn the chair so I can watch."