I’ve been caned on my hands and on my bottom. I’ve been caned over the seat of my skirt and across my knickers. I’ve even been caned on my bare bottom in the HM’s study. I’ve also had the strap on my bottom and thighs and been slippered so many times I’ve lost count, but even at this distance in time I break into a sweat thinking about that caning and when I’ve finished writing this I’ll probably have to give myself some sort of relief because I’m starting to get wet already.
Usually, in classroom, corridor or HM study beatings, six strokes were given in about 15 seconds. Although the stick landed with a painful ‘THWACK!’ the stroke would only travel some two or three feet to it’s target. The victim would gasp and jerk forward at each impact; she might flex her knees a little and after it was over all but the most stoical (in which category I most definitely don’t place myself!) would have voiced some sort of protest or usually would have been in tears. With this thrashing the strokes were given at about five seconds intervals and were given from shoulder height with the full force of
the HM’s arm (and she was a keen tennis player!). There was no response to the first stroke, but the second produced a whimper and the third a shriek. Contrary to what you may have read or seen in erotic photographs, there was no pausing to rub or feel the generated heat by the girl and certainly not by the Head. If the girl had put her hands in the way the beating would just have continued. After six strokes the girl was crying out loud; after twelve strokes she seemed stunned and her bottom had taken on the appearence of a tomato under the grille with red weals and welts mostly across the centre but ranging from the top of her rump down to the overhang of her thighs.
During the onslaught, there was not a sound in the hall aside from the swishing of the cane through the air and the THWACCCCK of the connecting stroke together with the yelps and screams of the victim.
Afterwards, there was a stunned silence in the hall. Some girls were themselves in tears. The HM stood back so that judymerylkaplan.com the school could see the beaten bottom without obstruction. The Head Girl, visibly shaken and white faced came forward with the punishment book and the HM entered the details, and handed it back. Thankfully, the Head Girl scurried off the platform, pausing only momentarily to look at the thrashed bottom. The HM placed her hand on the victim’s shoulder and told her to stand up when she felt able to do so. After about a minute the girl slowly unbent herself and painfully started to pull her knickers up and her skirt down. The HM told her to leave the stage and she turned and walk stiff leggedly down into the hall and out towards the toilets.