How did you meet her?” Susan asked, lying back on his tummy and stoking his cock.
I was in the car park of the supermarket, she had just come out and her bag broke, her shopping was on the floor. I helped her pick it up. She was walking home so l offered to give her a lift. She invited me in for coffee and we got talking, she is a bubbly sort of person and we started laughing about something, l went to step past her and we bumped into each other, my hand ended up on her tit. I apologised but she just laughed and said it was quite pleasant, that it had been a while since she’d had her breasts felt. She got quite cheeky and started flirting, l said something like l could give them a proper feel if she liked and she said that would be nice. Anyway, it didn’t take long before she had my cock out and once she’d seen it she couldn’t get it up her quick enough. I see her once a week now, you’ll love her Mum, she’s a randy old cow, and she likes it rough like you.”
Are all your women like that? How many are there?”
There’s only three other sort of regulars, they are all younger,” he said. “Two of them l met at dogging sites, they were there with their husbands. The other one works as a cleaner in our block of flats, she’s employed by the University. We pay her extra to clean our flat, one day, she thought the flat was empty, she was busy cleaning when l came out of the shower, l had been wanking, thinking about going and giving Esme a fuck so l had a full erection. Two minutes later she was bent over the back of a chair with my cock up her cunt.”
Are they all attractive?”