There was no indications that anyone had been in the cars. I checked the ignition finding the keys in it and that the car was on when this incident occurred. As I surveyed the car I saw belongings hastily stuffed into suitcases.
I went from car to car examining each one making the same findings. I decided to venture into another home. I made my way to the nearest home with the front door wide open. I had this odd ‘ringing’ in my ears…or more like a strange conversation in my mind, one that was just at the level that I could ascertain it was a conversation but I could not make out the words, it was at that time that I became aware of the burning in my chest.
I popped my head into the door calling out, ‘Hello…anyone here?’ I was greeted by silence. Cautiously I made my way through that home finding the same as in my home, no power, no people, and dust and cob webs.
I started to wonder if I was dead or was I alive. If I was alive, how long had I been in my bed? Then my thoughts immediately went to end of the world thoughts, something has happened to people…to humans on the planet.
Moving quickly I left the home, standing in the middle of the front yard I yelled at the top of my lungs, “HELLO!” I listened for a response and my ears were greeted with silence.