I…I don’t know how. What…what?”
The news, and thought, that her sweet young friend had never been treated to the warm, wet wonder of a woman’s cunt nearly made Ella climax. She fought back xxxgig.top the urge, biting her lower lip as she pulled Devon’s head even harder against her bust.
Here,” was all she said, taking D’s left hand to guide it between her legs. She spread her feet to give him easier access and to show there was no fabric blocking the entrance to her precious opening. Instinctively, Devon brought his right arm around her waist to hold her close and stabilize her, while she demonstrated how he could insert first one, and then multiple fingers into her inner sanctum.
Pleased with the work he was doing on her pussy, Ella returned to jacking the young man off. “Don’t forger my clit. Rub it, D. Yeah, rub the fuck out of that cunt,” she wailed.
The anguished cry was all it took for the first massive rope of cum to escape Devon’s straining cock. The volume and force surprised the mature woman, who was locked in her own turbulent throes of orgasm. D ground his palm against the hard nub that he suspected must be her clit and furiously rammed three fingers in and out of her slippery, convulsing cunt.