Minecraft is a first-person open sandbox game, which means the gamers will create their own world and experience within the game. Players can play individually or as a group in teamwork. Nowadays there are best server hosts for Minecraft that will allow for conversation with the other players on the same server.

How Many Game Modes are in Minecraft?

Minecraft has different game modes in playing. Each mode offers different distinct gameplay features and mechanics which makes this game more popular than others. The following are the different game modes you can find in the game.

Creative Mode:

Minecraft is an open-world sandbox game where you can build anything without any restrictions. This creative mode is especially for the kids, who want to jump immediately into the game and get mining. In this mode, players don’t need to worry about maintaining their health, dealing with the resources, and satisfying their hunger. The creative mode has everything for the gamer to build and mining is not necessary for this mode. You can also have access to every block, weapon, potion, tool, book, and even food item. This mode is good for exploring many ways of building in the game. Flying is also an important feature in this creative play mode.

Survival Mode:

Survival mode is more challenging for the noob players, but it will provide more rewards. In this mode, gamers dropped randomly into a new world at dawn. They will have only 10-20 minutes of real-time minutes. Within that time, you have to gather resources, craft some items and tools, assemble the shelters to live in and find foods to survive.

When kids play in survival mode, they can simply walk directly up to a tree and punch it repeatedly by holding down the left mouse button. After a few punches on the tree, the game gives you a wooden block. Dirt is another resource that you can gather easily. This dirt can be used in constructing the house. To collect these, gamers need to face the ground and punch it.

Home is the best place in the game for the players, which allows you to keep your items safe. Also, a home makes a landmark and keeps you safe from the elements. During the night in the game, it keeps you safe from zombies, skeletons, and spiders.

Hardcore Mode:

In hardcore mode, it is more challenging to play and more difficult than any other mode type. This mode is only available in the Minecraft java edition. The hardcore mode is the ultimate survival test for the player, which tests their mindful health, experience, hunger, and as well as mobs. This mode is entirely different from the other type. When the game gets over you cant respawn back to the game.

Adventure Mode:

Adventure mode makes the players develop a game that leads through a particular story. This mode is great for building and completing the quests and challenges. The challenges include, you can fight with the bad guys, breaking the objects with your tools, etc.

Spectator Mode:

In the spectator mode, players can only explore the world. You cannot interact with the game. You can simply watch how others are playing. It is a great way to explore the Minecraft world and also you can learn new things from others.


Minecraft is a creative game that allows you to create your own world and learn to survive in the pre-generated world. Minecraft is an excellent way of teaching the children that resources are very limited and need to be handled very carefully.