Step by Step Process on How to Convert a Word Doc to PDF

Converting a Word document to portable document format (PDF) holds many benefits. PDF files are compressed and can contain a lot of information in a small file size. This makes them easier to share through email, and it also means they take up less space on hard drives.

To convert a Word doc to PDF format, you’re first going to need a Word doc to PDF converter. There are several free and paid options available, and some websites even offer the ability to use an online Word doc to PDF converter on the web without having to download standalone software.

While each piece of software or online converter is different, below are some general steps to convert a Word document to a PDF file:

1. Open the Word Document in Your Converter

The first thing you’ll need to do is to open your Word document in your converter software. This is usually done by selecting the “File” option and selecting “Open”; however, some software allows you to drag a file onto any blank, open space in the converter window.

2. Select Your Preferences

Once your Word doc is open in the converter software, you should have preferences to select before converting. You may need to select the “Convert” option from a drop-down menu first.

When selecting preferences, pay attention to options like compression strength or something similar as this can affect file size and quality. In most cases, a better-quality conversion will result in larger file size. You may also be able to add a watermark when selecting preferences.

3. Select Your Save Location

When you’re ready to convert, select the place on your hard drive where you want to save your converted file. Choose a place that is easy to remember.

You may also have the ability to convert your file and have the resulting conversion sent directly to another place via email, file transfer protocol (FTP), or some other method. This is both convenient and easy, but just make sure you double-check the spelling of any addresses before sending the file.

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