With the increase in the use of the internet, the daily activities of people have changed. The way of communication, shopping, working, and even playing games has also changed due to the internet. People of all ages love to play online games and in recent years online gaming has grown tremendously with the improvements in technology.

There are several online gaming platforms are available on the internet. Pocket7games is one among them and is popular because of its exciting prize rewards. They offer the best web games, which are competitive and skill-based games, and you can be able to win real money.

Many people consider online gaming a part of their daily life. While playing a game online, you can be able to play with your friends, family members, or with strangers and even interact with them.

The following are some of the advantages of online games that every parent needs to know.

Improving Teamwork Skills:

You can play online video games alone or with your friends. Most of the games are multiplayer that offer different roles to the players. This type of game requires two or more teams of players in order to compete against another team of players. You need to have proper teamwork skills to win the games and you will be responsible for your duties when playing games in a team.

To be a perfect team member, you need to be more trustworthy and also need to trust your team to the fullest.

Improves Social Skills:

One of the top advantages of playing online games is it helps in building social skills among the other players. When playing the game, you can connect with other players from different parts of the world through an internet connection. So, you can easily able to socialize with people in the real world and start building good relations with them.

Helps in Reducing Depression, Stress, and Anxiety:

Playing your favorite online game with your friends helps in reducing your depression, anxiety, and stress. When you start playing games after your busy work life, your energy and confidence will grow, and reduces depression and stress hormones like cortisol by 17%.

Online gaming will make you feel brave and strong when you start winning the game. If you face any stress-related problems you can consider playing online games with your friends to overcome such problems.

Improves Concentration:

If you want to win any online game, you need to put more focus on the game. Playing video games requires lots of focus. If you get distracted by anything while playing, you might lose the game. Your brain starts to work quickly while you are concentrating on playing the game, which helps in improving your kid’s attention and concentration.


Most parents think playing online games makes their kid’s brains inactive and dull. But this is totally wrong. When you play video games regularly, it increases the grey matter of your brain which is related to memories, perception, muscle control, etc, and helps in boosting your brain connectivity.