The profit from a bet must exceed the amount put at stake when making it. The game “to zero” does not attract experienced bettors, except as a tool for accumulating additional experience. Beginners bookmaker’s office for new players. Earnings from betting at a bookmaker’s office do not represent single large winnings. On the contrary, it is a gradual increase of the bankroll due to successful, well-thought-out bets.

How bookmakers work

The essence of any bookmaker’s work is to make a profit from all bets placed by customers. This can be achieved with the help of a margin that is included in the odds of sporting events. With zero margin, the odds on equivalent outcomes are 2.00. However, such figures can be found only on betting exchanges or as part of special promotions held by some bookmakers. In most cases, the equivalent outcomes in the event schedule look like 1.90/1.90 or so. These tenths of the difference in quotes make up the operator’s income.

Instructions for making money on sports betting

If you are completely unfamiliar with betting, you should start with the basics. Our website contains ratings of the best bookmakers that can be recommended to beginners.

Study expert reviews of bookmakers and read real reviews of current customers. After choosing a suitable platform to start with, create an account on the website or download the official app (if you prefer to play from your smartphone). Then deposit a small amount of money into your account. If the bookmaker offers a demo account, be sure to practice on it without fear of spending your money quickly.

Choose a betting strategy – gambling and financial. The best of them are also described in articles on our website. You can take advantage of the welcome bonus from the bookmaker, but first familiarize yourself with the wagering rules.

Conduct a pre-match analysis of the selected event. Place bets only on sports that you are well versed in. Study the forecasts made by experts and compare them with your own analysis of the selected match. At first, bet on single outcomes with small odds, then move on to simple express bets. As you gain experience, experiment with new strategies.

Basic rules and possible mistakes for beginners

You should learn the basic rules of the game in a bookmaker’s office before making your first deposit. In order not to run into account blocking or betting limits, beginners should strictly follow the bookmaker’s requirements:

Provide valid personal data. Only adult citizens who have confirmed their identity and age are allowed to play in bookmakers. If a bettor intentionally provides incorrect information, his account will be blocked. Do not create more than one account. Multi-accounting is strictly prohibited in all bookmakers. Violation of this rule will result in the blocking of all created accounts. Do not use prohibited betting strategies. The use of speculative strategies is often punishable by sanctions from the bookmaker in the form of lowering the maximum betting limits.

Catch-up strategy (Martingale)

The essence of the Martingale or catch-up strategy is to double the bet amount after each loss in order to win the amount of the first bet.

Let’s say you bet $100 on the first team to win, and the bet lost. You choose the next match and bet $200. If you lose again, the amount of your bet on the third match will be 400 rubles. And so on until you win.

To make a net profit, you need to bet on events with odds of 2.00 or higher. Usually, a player calculates in advance how many bets he can lose painlessly for his bank. Based on this, he determines the initial bet amount. Usually no more than 1-2% of the bank.

The player does not always have enough steps calculated in advance, so there is a risk of losing the bank. It is important to know that bookmakers often limit the size of the maximum bet, so a player may not be able to bet the required amount of money using the catch-up strategy.

Alternative catch-up strategy

Change the overrun if you want to bet on odds greater or less than 2.00. To do this, you must learn how to determine the amount of each subsequent bet, taking into account the odds, loss, and target profit.

To do this, use the formula: (Current loss + Target profit) / (Odds – 1).

For example, you have already bet $100 and lost. Your target profit is the amount of your first bet. You want to place the next bet to catch up at odds of 3.00. We calculate: (100 + 100) / (3 – 1) = 200 / 2 = 100 dollars. If you bet 100 dollars on 3.00 and win, you will compensate for the lost hundred and get another one in net profit.

The strategy of express bets on favorites

There is a hypothesis that among all available matches you can select those in which the victory of the favorites is obvious. We are talking about the so-called “ironclad” bets with minimal risk. The main disadvantage of betting on favorites is the low odds. Therefore players combine several “obvious” outcomes in one bet of express type.

It is possible to modernize this strategy by betting not only on favorites, but also on other reliable variants: total more in a potentially productive match, a plus handicap on the underdog and so on.

This strategy has a couple of disadvantages. First, any bet can lose together with the whole express. Secondly, if you bet on over-rated favorites in a Parlay, you only increase the bookmaker’s advantage over you. So never bet on very popular teams.

Underdog Betting Strategy

In tennis, experienced bettors take underdogs with a plus handicap and divide bets on underdogs into the following groups:

On an unpredictable underdog in women’s tennis,
against a young player, who knocked out a more skilled opponent in the previous stage, and overestimated by the bookmaker because of this,
against a favorite with a long unbeaten streak,
against a favorite that plays on an unfavorable surface.

In soccer, players bet on outsiders in the following matches:

When the favorite puts out a double-team,
When a team with no tournament motivation plays against a team that needs to score points,
When the favorite is missing a leading player.