Automatic glass doors provide great convenience and are considered highly efficient in commercial spaces. You don’t have to keep pushing a door to get inside but conveniently just step near the door and it will automatically open up.

Although the glass doors offer convenience, their safety features must be considered before you install them. Therefore, in this article, we shall discuss the different safety features to consider before deciding to install automatic glass doors.

Safety Factors to Consider in Automatic Glass Doors

The following are the different safety factors to consider in automatic glass doors:

●Glass Material and Strength

●Compliance with Safety Standards

●Emergency Protocols

●Sensors available

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Glass Material and Strength

The primary factor to consider is the type of glass used in the door and its mechanical strength. There are two types of glass available with automatic doors: Laminated glass and Tempered glass.

Laminated glass has several interlayered panes that enable better strength and stability. The glass doesn’t easily disintegrate upon impact and you can consider this material for areas with high traffic or high risk.

On the other hand, tempered glass is the most commonly used material in commercial spaces which has good strength and safety. But when there is an impact on the glass, it shatters into small blunt pieces which reduces the risk of injury.

Compliance with Safety Standards

There are different safety standards for designing glass doors and automatic glass doors. These standards differ from place to place. Before you purchase one for your building, check whether the doors are compliant with the safety standards.

Also, there are local building codes for each location which include a safety standard compliance for such glass doors. Therefore, check for certificates that testify the compliance with the safety standards in your area.

Emergency Protocols

Since the glass door is automatic, there are certain emergency protocols required to mitigate risky situations. There are two major protocols that must be ensured.

One is the breakout feature that enables you to manually open the door in case of emergency evacuations. With swift force, the door must be able to open up without a power supply.

The second one is the availability of emergency power backups. In high-risk areas, you cannot expect to have a breakout feature considering the security. Therefore, it is a must to have an emergency power backup to evacuate people in case of power outages or national emergencies.


Automatic glass doors operate using sensors and it is important to have two major sensors in every door system.

Motion sensors are a must. They ensure the presence of an individual and trigger the door to open up. The sensors use microwave or infrared tech to sense the movement. Due to this sensor, you can mitigate the risk of accidental collisions.

Pressure sensors are another important tech that adds an additional layer of protection. These sensors can be placed in the door frame or under the door mat to sense the presence of movement. This helps in avoiding entrapment or injury by suddenly halting the door motion when there is a pressure sensed.


These are the different safety factors and technologies you must consider when choosing an automatic glass door for your establishment.