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RiseupVPN is special

There are plenty of commercial providers out there that provide a similar service to the RiseupVPN, but we feel that our service is unique:

  1. Donation-based: We provide a free service paid for by voluntary donations.
  2. No logs: We do not keep logs, other than a record of the day a user connects.
  3. Block tracking: We provide protection against companies that track your behavior and location as you surf the internet or use your mobile device.
  4. Personal IPs: We provide each user with a real, individual public IP (that changes each time you reconnect). This makes running certain applications much easier.

You might be able to find a commercial provider that supports one of these, but we are not aware of any that supports two of these, much less all four.

Why is the RiseupVPN so awesome? Or goal is to make using encrypted networking as attractive and useful as possible. The more people use it, the safer we all are.

Also, RiseupVPN is brought to you by movement activists with a long history of commitment to social justice.

Suggested donation

Currently, we estimate that each VPN user costs Riseup about $5 (3.50€) per month. As more people use it, we hope to eventually cut these expenses in half.

Light users: If you only use the RiseupVPN occasionally, or you never download large files, then you probably are not causing expenses more than a $1 or $2 per month (1.4€).

However, many users of RiseupVPN who most need the service are also unable to contribute. Please consider donating extra so that we can ensure these users continue to have free access to the VPN.

Heavy users: First, we love you. We think everyone should use the VPN all the time, because that way it starts to become habit and people who practice more secure communication don’t stand out as anomalies. However, if you frequently download video or large files over the RiseupVPN, please consider donating around $10 per month (~ 7€).

To setup your donation to keep the VPN running, please go to our donate page.