translation tools


This proposal for a translation tool to assist translators in the process of translation with a formular and helping features.

Maybe you know of a free (but not open source) online language learning and translation tool. There some blogs are aggregated (e.g. spreeblick) for translation. the interface shows the original text on the left and input fields for the translation on the right one per parapgraph.

If a paragraph has been translated for later visitors all translation are offered for voting and edition based upon them. This way mass collaboration for translation is made very easy.

For the translation group (and others) it could be of massive use to offer such a tool.
If you also think this could be useful please add a comment. The draft shown below is free to use and modify.

Embedded into CG offering per page multilang support would be made easy, in the way that only one translation is shown at a time and users can change the language via dropdown menu at the header of the page. If no translation exists, empty forms are shown, etc. as described above.

BTW currently a discussion is ongoing how to improve the translation process on DL