Which tools do you use for translation?

see also https://we.riseup.net/iikb/localiza%C3%A7%C3%A3o-colaborativa / https://we.riseup.net/www-features/translators-traducteurs-traductors

I use OmegaT, but it is not present in the list.


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A good start to search for me was Computer-assisted translation (Wikipedia).
Whoever feels like, please have a look at the needed help sections.


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granted full access to all groups involved. I trust you, not to do any faulty deletions :)


Using StarDict with some russian dictionaries


I added a new one!**


translated.by – really popular tool for translators on ex-USSR territories.


What happened to translated.by? Anyone know?


They moved to translatedby.com


@silence: ah, cough, um… thanx :)

@all: for everyone who hasn’t yet done so, I recommend taking a look at linguee.com – my favorite translation tool next to a good old dictionary. It offers bilingual translations found on the web, so that it’s very useful when you have to translate special terms outside of your own field of knowledge or want to double-check how others have translated certain phrases. currently supports 25 languages…


I was starting to document tools for localization and translation on iikb/localização-colaborativa (pt-br). Will take a look on these listed tools as well.




from www.deepl.com/privacy.html:
When you access our website, your device automatically transmits certain data for technical reasons. The following data is stored separately from any other data you may transmit to us:
Date and time of access
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Operating system
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This company is registered in Cologne (DE)

(also the gamification poured with ganalytics stops me from using duolingo.com)


It offers bilingual translations found on the web


libretranslate.com/ is great too