Free Ride Council » Meetings agendas and Notes » 20150815-agenda

Location: shop
Time: 10:00am
Date: sat 15 aug ’15

Open Meeting

Assemble the group

Assignment of roles


Would any of you prefer to remain off the record? Would intros be helpful?

Note: List partial attendees and time entered/left if possible/known


Anyone new? If so, explain how our general meetings and consensus process function


Will council members please raise hands now. If quorum is present, open meeting.

Review Agenda

Meeting-Specific Agenda Items

Topics and Proposals

Visiting Training Sessions

Standing Agenda Items

Set Meeting dates/times for three months out

Next meetings are:

Guests’ proposals

Requests for keys

Is person a council member and/or significant to staffing shop? Is person present? Is person vouched for? Vote. Assign action point to copy and arrange receipt of key.

Committee Reportbacks

(Can skip those not current/relevant)

Reportbacks of respect issues

Review Action Points (add to throughout meeting)

Close meeting