Meeting Agendas and Notes

A listing of meetings in reverse-chronological order, organized by group.

Generic Meeting Info

General Meeting Agenda Template (copy this to specific meeting’s page, then add/modify as needed)
Contact Info for Potential Meeting Spaces

Upcoming Meetings in 2016

  • wed 17 feb, 6:00pm at the Unitarian Universalist church in Shadyside (location tentative)
  • th 17 mar, 6:00pm in the shop
  • wed 20 apr, 6:00pm in the shop

2016 Past Meetings

2015 Meetings

2014 Meetings

  • December notes
  • October notes
  • sat 27 sept 10:00am — NEED NOTES
  • Shop Cmte f 26 sept 6pm — NEED NOTES
  • Bike Bike workshops notes
  • sun aug 24 9:00am at the shop — NEED NOTES
  • Bike Bike planning sat 9 aug, notes
  • sun 20 july, agenda, NEED NOTES
  • sat 21 june, agenda, notes
  • Council mediation (not public): sun 8 june, 8am at CVVCNEED NOTES
  • sat 17 may, agenda, notes
  • Positive Spin debriefing (not public) th 8 may, agendaNEED NOTES
  • sat 19 april, agendanotes
  • sat 22 mar, agendaminutes
  • Prog Cmte mon 17 mar, 7:00pm agendanotes
  • Construction Junction (not public): tue 25 feb – notes
  • sat 22 feb, agendaminutes
  • Shop Cmte th 20 feb, notes
  • sat 25 jan, notes

2013 Meetings

2012 Meetings

Shop Committee

Move Workshops

Programming Committee

Near Future Agenda Topics

Topics from 2010 Retreat to talk about at Future Council Meetings

2011 Meetings

Past and upcoming General Meetings (reverse chronological order)

Communications Committee

Programming Committee

Shop Committee

2010 Meetings


Winter 2010 Retreat Meeting Minutes

General Meetings

Programming Committee

Communications Committee

Shop Committee

Women’s + Trans Committee Meeting

The Move

Special Events

2009 Meetings

See also discussion on winter 09/10 at Free Ride

Collective Council

Shop Committee

Programming Committee

Communications Committee

Winter Restructuring

Page pointing to the winter 2009 restructuring work

2008 Meetings

Collective Council

Programming Committee

Shop Committee

Open Shop Committee

Financial Committee

Special Meetings

Older Meetings

2008, 2007 (2006, 2004 in progress) – for more complete list see link to old wiki (before Crabgrass) in wikiarchive section.