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Attendance: Scott Kowalski, Ned Schmidgal (council); Chris Ayers, Angela Urban, Justin Thakar (members); Jack ?

Safety concerns

  1. Helmets
    • This week, a box of them labeled “Need one, take one” was left in the shop
    • Review of previous advice to NOT do this due to safety concerns and potential liability
    • Some staffers prefer to destroy helmets immediately to eliminate risk
    • Call for updated legal advice — no “Good Samaritan” laws for helmets?
    • We could save webbing, clasps, sealed/unused pads, etc.
    • We no longer have to wait for Hard-To-Recycle events 2x/year, CJ lot has a drop box for foam now (no peanuts)
       Consensus: ACCEPTABLE to store helmets for recycling; UNACCEPTABLE for staffers to distribute them to individuals.
  2. Shop tidiness