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Location: Free Ride
Time: 10 AM
Date: 21 november 1015

Open Meeting

Assemble the group

Assignment of roles


Would any of you prefer to remain off the record? Would intros be helpful?

Need to review applications & verify who’s voting this term! (—NS)

Note: List partial attendees and time entered/left if possible/known

Process – Let’s invest extra time in this! (—NS)

Anyone new? If so, explain how our general meetings and consensus process function


Will council members please raise hands now. If quorum is present, open meeting.

Review Agenda

Meeting-Specific Agenda Items

Topics and Proposals

Visiting Training Sessions

Standing Agenda Items

Set Meeting dates/times for three months out

Next meetings are:

Guests’ proposals

- Vote on Volunteer EAB work night (Tuesday after class)
- Youth night once a month, issues with credentialing, discuss
- Community Bicycle Program
- More frequent meetings for decision making
- Kids bikes program with Lizzy’s Bikes
- New bike rack?

Committee Reportbacks

(Can skip those not current/relevant)

Reportbacks of respect issues

Review Action Points (add to throughout meeting)

Close meeting