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Demonstrations against the war in Gaza

Saturday, Dec 27, 17h00:

Sunday, Dec 28

Monday, Dec 29

Tuesday, Dec 30

Wednesday, Dec 31

Thursday, Jan 1

Friday, Jan 2

Saturday, Jan 3

Sunday, Jan 4

Monday, Jan 5

Tuesday, Jan 6

Wednesday, Jan 7

Thursday, Jan 8

Friday, Jan 9

Saturday, Jan 10

Sunday, Jan 11

Wednesday, Jan 14

Thursday, Jan 15:

Friday, Jan 16:

Saturday, Jan 17:

Sunday, Jan 18:

Monday, Jan 19:

Wednesday, Jan 21:

Thursday, Jan 22:

Friday, Jan 23:

Thursday, Jan 29:

Saturday, Jan 31:

protests by country and size, plus url (mostly mainstream)


White Phosphorus

see white phosphorus

war crimes, genocide – analysis and legal type actions

see The Geopolitics of Genocide

Interesting coverage


Guardian: Why Israel went to war in Gaza www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/jan/04/is...

‘Are you a target if you voted for Hamas?’ Last night Israel sent its ground forces across the border into Gaza as it escalated its brutal assault on Hamas. As a large-scale invasion of the Palestinian territory appears to be getting under way, Chris McGreal reports from Jerusalem on Israel’s hidden strategy to persuade the world of the justice of its cause in its battle with a bitter ideological foe