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Facial Recognition

Detroit Board of Police Commissioners (BOPC / BPC) Vote Update:
The BOPC voted abruptly for the use of facial recognition technology in policing towards the beginning of the meeting without hearing public comments.
We know that decisions like these will continue to hurt poor Black people and we also know we must continue to learn, grow and build with our communities.
Save the date, Sunday 9/29 2-5pm, and come out to our community conversation around mass surveillance and redefining community safety! #GreenlightBlackFutures #BlackoutGreenlight
Hear our GLBF rep speak to BOPC!
Public Video and Post:

Board of Police Commissioners – 9-19-19

Revised facial recognition directive transmitted to Board 9-12-2019.pdf

Protect Our Privacy! No More Surveillance for People in Michigan!

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Georgetown Law Center on Privacy & Technology:
American Under Watch – Detroit’s “Real Time Video Feed Facial Recognition”
Detroit purchased its face surveillance system in July of 2017 as part of a three-year contract with vendor DataWorks Plus, totaling $1,045,843.20.12 Under the contract, Detroit licensed DataWorks Plus’ “FACE Watch Plus real-time video surveillance” software, a system that “provides continuous screening and monitoring of live video streams.”13

DataWorks Plus

Project Green Light to add facial recognition software
“Detroit police recently bought the software for $1 million from Data Works Plus LLC, Assistant Chief James White said. A three-year contract allows use of the software, technical support and maintenance, he said.”

State law proposed in Michigan Senate to ban use of facial biometrics by law enforcement
“SB342 was introduced by Sen. Peter Lucido®, which would impose a broad ban on law enforcement officials obtaining, accessing, or using facial recognition technology, or any information gathered with the technology.”

New bill would prevent use of facial recognition technology in Detroit
“House Bill 4810 would create a five-year moratorium on the use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement.”

Just say no to facial recognition, says Detroit coalition of civil rights groups

School security cameras add facial recognition software

ACLU: Facial recognition technology is racially biased and threatens privacy. The Detroit Police Department has no place using it.