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These pages under heavy construction.
Ces pages sont en construction constante

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Configure account, delete account



- Layout
- Access Info


Me View
- Dashboard
- Inbox

Page Sidebar
All pages (wikis, messages, discussions, etc) have a side bar that allows you to interact with the pages in a number of ways.

Page Types
When creating a page you have a choice of page types.

Who has access to what.


Getting involved - helping to improve CG

Version Française

A propos de crabgrass

Salon de discussion


- Disposition
- Droits d’accès


- Tableau de bord
- Boîte de réception

Colonne de droite
Toutes les pages (wikis, messages personnels, discussions, etc) ont une colonne à leur droite qui vous permet d’interagir avec la page de multiples manières.

Types de page
Quand vous créez une page, vous avez à choisir son type.

Droits d’Accès
Qui a accès à quoi.


S’impliquer - Aider à la documentation de Crabgrass

Deutsche Version



I was able to add the link “Getting involved..” and wanted to create a new page. Other wikis create pages when the do not exist yet simply if you follow the link. How does ist work like in this case?


i’m currently working on / planning screencasts for crabgrass, introducing the basic usage, common problems and issues user might run into, and so on.

I had in mind to create many many small and reusable screencasts, that might be cut together to longer introduction videos. If anyone here is intersted in helping, we could coordinate our work.

I think the first step to go is to simply write down story boards like:

- screencast: login and find a recently changed page as fast as possible -

1. → (or whatever instance)
2. → login
3. → scroll down the dashboard to find it in the recent activity
4. → have a look into the inbox as well, and explain that pages that you’re wathching / having contributed to will be found quicker here then on the dashboard
5. → go the groups home the page belongs to, and find it in the recent activity there

i started to write some more somewhere. could try to find and share it :)


I could not acces to the following pages :

May someone make these avalaible to users group ?


Why am I able to fully destroy pages such as these? Is this setting reflecting the underlying principles of crabgrass, thus making it impossible to write-protect pages?
(Sorry if beeing OT, i just don’t know where else to post.)


Hello, Could someone possibly tell me how to change the text on the upper left of the home page? I have changed that text in the profile and in the summary, but the home page is not updated. When I call up the private and the public wiki it does not appear on the page so I can correct it it. I would really appreciate the help.


Hallo ihr Lieben ;)

ich hoffe, dass das mit den Sicherheitsbestimmungen so bleibt.

Ich werde mit meinen Daten destotrotz sparsam bleiben.

Besten Gruß



Invalid URLs!

At the bottom of this page and most pages on cragbrass there is contact info for and crabgrass. The “Report a bug” link under Crabgrass section links to This link does not work, and neither does the just I get the following error on Firefox:

Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to The server uses key pinning (HPKP) but no trusted certificate chain could be constructed that matches the pinset. Key pinning violations cannot be overridden. Error code: MOZILLA_PKIX_ERROR_KEY_PINNING _FAILURE
The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

Additionally, the last link in the English section of this page, “Getting involved – helping to improve GC”, is not only mispelled (“GC” vs “CG” or preferably “Crabgrass”) but also leads to a blank page.


I found several typos and several smaller mistakes at the German Introduction

Is there a possibility to prepare a draft pull request for crabgrass as I know for riseupnet/riseup_help?

Or how can I help to correct these mistakes?




Here on this page some links do not work:

English version: Account, Chat,
Version Française: Salon de discussion, S’impliquer – Aider à la documentation de Crabgrass


hi folks, beginner question: how do I assign a task? to myself for starters. and how does group collab work. thanks!



We have some dead links here on the group membership list page

Members (probably deleted accounts):

  • Bärlauch
  • digitari
  • Widukind
  • Abraham Guillén
  • Doña
  • matteo_crabgrass

Other ones:

  • council

may be someone can fix this? I can’t


Hello alxtira, go to “account settings” and click “destroy”.


can’t reset my password (have another account with the name Kacper). When I ask for the reset I never receive the reset e-mail (spam checked).


Hello, I have changed that text in the profile and in the summary, but the home page is not updated. Could someone possibly tell me how to change the text on the upper left of the home page? I would really appreciate the help. Thanks!


Hi, I was wondering what is the file size limit for upload. I checked but I couldn’t see anywhere.


“You can upload assets (.doc, .png, .pdf, etc) to share with people in your groups.
There is currently a 3MB size limit per asset.”

If found this in the doc but I cannot put the link as it is considered like spam


Thank you


Hello everyone !I urgently need to get a Poland ID card for new personal data. It’s best to be legal with an entry. can anyone help?


Thank you so much for letting me participate on this thread. I’m Matt by the way.