When the Mind Finally Takes Command (Edited)

Oops, must have gone too far that time," said Jim. The thought was fleeting though because instead of wanting him to quit she pushed his hand inside her panties.
Please don’t stop," she said in a small voice. It would have been very easy for me to just have this guy, ram his cock into that opening, but I wanted her to feel what it was like to be made love to . . . and what he was doing was what I wanted to happen. Almost as if it were me using my hands.
Ian’s cock lurched and pre-cum oozed steadily from the tip causing a stain to appear on the front of his shorts when his hand slid down over the incredibly smooth, soft flesh of her mound and on down until his fingertips encountered her bare pussy for the first time. His first thought was to take these obstructing panties off so he could see what his fingers were feeling. But if Bella had wanted them off, he had no doubt she would have let him know it, so he contented himself with exploring her with his fingers.
Oh Yes!!" Ian said under his breath when his middle finger slipped between the juicy, wet lips and came into contact with her virgin opening. There was a bestporno.link quick intake of breath from Bella and a little gush of warm fluid bathed the tip of his finger when she felt it rub over her hole but she remained very still, careful not to move while his finger made her feel things totally new and wonderful.
Should I try sliding the finger inside her? NO! Just play with her clit today; don’t rush things, Ian thought." He moved his finger up and down between the slick lips several times getting it good and wet. Ian felt light headed and the temptation grew to put his finger up inside her each time it came into contact with the small opening that seemed to produce an unending flow of warm juice. Then his nostrils caught a whiff of the same aroma he had smelled on her panties earlier and his temptation shifted focus from feeling this fabulous little pussy to tasting it.